Tuesday is D-Day for fresh corona measures

The consultative committee that groups Belgium’s various governments and has the final say on corona measures is meeting tomorrow afternoon to take decisions on how to stem the fourth wave of coronavirus in Belgium.  The meeting is being brought forward from Friday given worsening corona figures.

The inner cabinet of the federal government meets tonight to discuss the worsening situation.  Tuesday afternoon a digital meeting of the consultative committee starts at 4:30PM.  The committee is not expected to discuss a new lockdown, but other measures including mandatory masking and homeworking are on the agenda.

Possible “new” measures include mandatory face coverings in shops, but also at religious ceremonies and in public spaces and government buildings.


The Covid Safe Ticket could be required to gain access to more events.


Homeworking could be expanded to reduce the number of people journeying on public transport.


The federal government also intends to activate the pandemic law for a first time.  The legislation ensures that any government measures have a good founding in law.  In this way the federal government could retain control of the direction of government action at the expense of the regions.



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