A quarter of primary pupils have corona antibodies

Around 25% of Belgian primary schoolchildren have coronavirus antibodies in their blood research conducted by Belgian health science institute Sciensano in conjunction with Leuven University shows.  The presence of antibodies in children so young means that they were infected with the virus but often didn’t realise it. 

Today’s figure is significantly higher than a previous count conducted ahead of the summer holidays.  At that time fewer than one child in six tested positive for antibodies. 

The figure for Brussels is markedly higher than in Flanders or Wallonia.  In Brussels 36% of primary schoolchildren possessed antibodies.  For Flanders the figure is 26.3%, for Wallonia 23.8%.

The higher figure for Brussels is being linked to the low take-up of the vaccine among adults in the Belgian and Flemish capital as well higher circulation of the virus. 

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