Remind me, how do I get my Covid Safe Ticket?

The applications of the Covid Safe Ticket or CST are being significantly expanded in Flanders.  Until now you only had to show the CST at big events. Starting 1 November the CST will also be required at indoor hospitality, gyms and many more social settings.

The CST is already widely required in Brussels and Wallonia too is broadening its use on 1 November.

The CST is the Belgian version of the EU Digital Covid Certificate.  (If you have a valid one of those you are already OK.) It allows you to prove you have protection against coronavirus: either through full vaccination at least two weeks ago, the result of a recent test or a recovery certificate valid for six months and indicating the presence of antibodies through recent Covid.

The result of a PCR test is valid the day of the test and two following days.  Antigen tests are only valid for one extra day.

The easiest way to get hold of your CST is to download and install the CovidSafeBE app on your smartphone.  After installation you need to log on and identify yourself using a digital ID like itsme.  You can then see and download your certificates.

If you are asked to show your CST allow the QR code of your certificate to be scanned.

If you don’t possess a smartphone, you can get hold of your CST by logging on to government websites like Mijn Burgerprofiel, and My HealthViewer.  ( is the best one.  It has an English version!) There you can access a digital version of your CST.   You will require your ID card and be able to punch in your PIN-code using a card reader.  Access is also possible via a digital key like itsme. You can get a pdf of your CST and print it out!

Foreign nationals can also apply for the Belgian CST if they are Belgian residents or have a social security BIS number. In the latter case you will have to activate a digital key as explained here. Nationals from some EU states can also gain access using the elDAS method.


CSTs can also be requested by telephone.  The document will then be sent to you by post.  There’s no point asking for a printout of a negative test because the document will be underway in the post for too long.

In Flanders call 078 78 78 50 between the hours of 9AM and 7PM during the working week.  For the Flemish capital Brussels the number is 02 214 19 19 from 9AM to 5:30PM on weekdays, from 10AM at the weekend. The number for Wallonia is 071 31 34 93.

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