Vlaams Belang slates ‘Pass Society”

The far-right Vlaams Belang, one of the few parties in opposition in Belgium, has announced it will offer maximum resistance to what it calls the ‘pass society’.  The party was responding to the decision by Belgium’s consultative committee also to require punters to prove protection against Covid in Flanders if they wish to have a beer indoors in a pub, visit a restaurant or gym by showing their Covid Safe Ticket, the CST.

“Making the CST mandatory in a region where 92% of adults are fully vaccinated is not a public health measure. It is a failure of policy.  We will oppose it tooth and nail” the party insisted.

Barbara Pas, Vlaams Belang floor leader in the lower house of the federal parliament, said the introduction of the CST, also known as the Corona Pass, formed a serious infringement of countless fundamental liberties: “First and foremost citizens should not have to check one another in this way.  This is a job for the police.  Secondly, medical confidentiality is being thrown to the lions.  Thirdly, the right to free choice is a central pillar of our society, certainly when we are talking about physical integrity”.

On the one hand the government is allowing citizens to decide for themselves whether or not they are vaccinated, but “on the other hand it is more than ready to punish ‘undesirables’ in all sorts of ways” Ms Pas concluded.

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