Jan Vandeput

Young family in Leuven bridge scare

Two parents and their toddler were involved in a bizarre accident in Leuven, when the bascule bridge they were on suddenly went up without a warning. The family only sustained light injuries.  

The incident happened on the Marie Thumas bridge at Leuven's Vaartkom, in the northern part of the city. The family was driving on the bridge when it was lifted to allow a boat to pass. The passengers realised what was happening, but got trapped on the bridge and could not escape. The car remained on the bridge and eventually came down, ending up on its roof. The three passengers only sustained light injuries. 

The Vlaamse Waterweg, which is responsible for infrastructure at Flanders' waterways, said they will investigate how the accident could happen. Was the bridge light on red or not, did the driver make a mistake? Or is a technical failure to blame? "We will watch CCTV footage and send experts to the site to investigate the incident", says Carolien Peelaerts of the Vlaamse Waterweg. The bridge has been closed for all traffic until further notice. 

Walid (@walaor14 op Twitter)

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