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Belgian Premier's quote triggers anger in Poland

Poland is at loggerheads with Belgium after a statement made by the Belgian PM Alexander De Croo. The Polish authorities have summoned the Belgian ambassador to Poland to express their anger. 

Speaking before the Europacollege in Bruges, De Croo had warned his Polish colleague Mateusz Morawiecki on his domestic political choices. He said "to those who think it's necessary to declare a new world war in the Financial Times, I want to say: you are playing a dangerous game. You are playing with fire when waging a war with our European colleagues for internal political reasons." 

Morawiecki had threatened in the Financial Times to use all possible means if the European Union keeps opposing the judicial reforms that his government recently introduced. Morawiecki said these reforms are necessary to fight corruption in his country, but the European Union claims they undermine the division of powers.  

Recently, a Polish judge ruled some parts of the European treaties are going against the Polish constitution. The Belgian Foreign office said the ambassador, Luc Jacobs, was called in today by Poland. Mr De Croo is not impressed, saying that "the reaction shows that the message has arrived in Warsaw." 

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