Man drowns as he tries to rescue two children

A man has died in Halle (Flemish Brabant) when he wanted to save two young children who had ventured out in a pond to get their ball back. 

The drama happened yesterday afternoon in a pond near a care home. Spokesman Carol Vercarre of the Halle-Vilvoorde judicial authorities explains: "Two brothers of 6 and 11 years old jumped in the pond to fetch a ball. A 44-year-old man from Halle who was waiting at a nearby bus stop with his own children, heard the brothers shout for help and jumped in the water to save them."

"A second man managed to get the 11-year-old boy and the man out of the water. The 6-year-old boy could also be saved from the water and was reanimated. However, while the two boys survived, the rescuer passed away." 

The man probably died from a so-called cold shock. "It is always a good idea to try and save somebody, but you also need to take care yourself. The best way to save someone, is from the edge of the water, if possible," experts say. 

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