Rob Engelaar

Covid Safe Ticket from the age of 12 and 16

The Flemish parliament has approved legislation setting the minimum age at which people must produce a valid Covid Safe Ticket (CST) to partake in certain activities. Youngsters will need a CST from the age of 16 to go down the pub in Flanders, while for visits to hospitals and care homes CSTs are required from the age of 12 years and two months!

From the age of 16 youngsters need to show a valid CST in hospitality, at the gym, in nightclubs and discos.

The CST is required from the age of 12 years and two months in order to gain access to events, test events and to visit people in hospital or a care home. 

Youngsters under 12 years and two months don’t need a CST because vaccinations start at 12 and it would be unfeasible to test all under 12s every time they want to do something. 

Problems are expected because many children have to wait weeks after their 12th birthday before they are invited for a vaccination.

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