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No booster jab for most under 65s

Belgian health and care workers are to get a third, booster jab against coronavirus.  In contrast the population at large under 65 won’t be getting the booster at this time.  Belgian health ministers followed the advice of the high council for health in taking the decision.


Belgian health minister convened today to settle the matter.  Earlier the high council for health saw no scientific grounds to recommend a booster for all under 65s, though did advise care and health workers should receive one.


The federal health ministry clarified the situation: “We’ve asked the high council for health to provide a new recommendation as soon as there is more scientific evidence with regard to the population at large.”


All over 65s, care home residents and people with weakened immunity are already getting a booster, but patients with underlying health issues are not.

The Flemish government had sought a booster jab for the entire population.  “It’s not coming just yet” says federal health minister Vandenbroucke.  “The high council for health says that at the minute there is no reason to vaccinate the entire population, but that doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen. We can assume everybody will get a third jab next year.”


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