Student dies after hazing

A 19-year-old student died after a hazing, an initiation ritual for freshers, at a farm in Gedinne (Namur Province) on Friday night. It’s unclear whether the death is linked to the ‘student baptism’ itself.

The news comes from the public prosecutor Vincent Macq.  His office will not be commenting further on the death until a post-mortem is conducted on Tuesday evening.  Until then the prosecutor’s office will not comment on the cause of death.  All possibilities, including a natural death, will be examined.

Forensic scientists and a police doctor attended the scene, where the student, born in 2002, died.

Nearly 300 students had gathered at a farm in Sart-Custinne (Gedinne) for a joint hazing organised by students at several polytechnics in Namur Province.  Freshers were obliged to take part in several bizarre activities including being made to eat animal feed and get into a bath of animal blood. After the hazing the student returned to his room.  The following day his friends couldn't raise him.  They found him unconscious, alerted the emergency services, while medicine students tried to reanimate him in vain.

“An investigation that may establish criminal responsibility is underway” said prosecutor Macq.

In 2018 Flemish student Sanda Dia died as a result of physical abuse during a hazing in the university city of Leuven (Flemish Brabant).  Ever since the authorities have been keen to take every action to make such  events safe.

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