Hilde De Windt

Ghent police investigate possible rape of young woman after her drink was drugged

Police in Ghent and the Judicial Authorities have launched an investigation into the possible rape of a young woman whose drink had been drugged a bar in the city just over a week ago. A police spokeswoman has told VRT News that “the investigation has been given top priority”. The victim’s girlfriend spoke of what happened in an interview with the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ that was published on Saturday. Both she and her partner are in their twenties.  

The victim’s partner told the paper that on 23 October she and her girlfriend went for a drink in a bar on the Oude Beestenmarkt in Ghent. While they were there her partner disappeared. When she found her partner a little later in a nearby park it transpired that she had been the victim of sexual abuse. However, the victim was unable to recall what had happened to her.

Both women were taken to Ghent University Hospital and the Judicial Authorities have carried out an invesigation at the alleged crime scene.

The Ghent Police Spokeswoman Liesbet De Pauw told VRT News that “We are taking this very seriously. We are pleased that the victim has sought help from the Centre for Care after Sexual Violence. The investigation is ongoing, and we have given it top priority. We are doing all we can to apprehend the perpetrator or perpetrators”.

Ms De Pauw added that it is probable that the victim’s drink was spiked with some form of drug. However, she was keen to stress that this kind of thing is very rare in Ghent.


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