Two dead after car plunges into the River Dender

Two people have died after the car they were travelling in plunged into the River Dender in East Flanders. Divers from several local fire services searched the river for the two people that were in the car. They were brought to the riverbank and rushed to hospital where they were pronounced dead. It is still unclear as to how the car ended up in the river. 

The accident happed at Okegem, near to the East Flemish town of Ninove. A rescue operation was mounted and divers from several local fire service searched the river. Two people were brought to the riverbank and attempts were made to revive them. They were taken to hospital but sadly didn’t survive their ordeal.

Witnesses say that the car suddenly veered off the road and landed in the river. Why this happened is still unclear. Last week there was a similar incident in Ghent (East Flanders). Then a car with 4 people on board plunged into the River Leie. Then too everyone in the vehicle died.  


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