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250 additional charging points for electric vehicles to be installed in Brussels next year

The authorities in the Brussels-Capital Region have announced that an additional 250 charging points for electrically powered vehicles will be installed at locations across Brussels during the course of next year. In a statement released on Tuesday morning the office of the Brussels Environment Minister Alan Maron (Francophone green) said that the additional 250 charging points will mean that no one in the capital will be more than 250 metres away from a publicly accessible electric vehicle charging facility. 

In the longer term the Brussels Regional Government aims to have a total of 11,000 charging points available by 2035. The intention is to transform the way in which the vehicles that are driven on the capital’s roads are powered and in so doing radically reduce CO2 emissions. 

As part of the so-called “Charge.brussels-project” 250 publicly accessible vehicle charging points have already been installed. The roll out of a further 250 will mean that this number will have doubled by the end of next year.

The Brussels Minister responsible for transport, public works and road safety Elke Van den Brandt (Flemish green) told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that "Little by little Brussels is getting prepared to give people that don’t have their own garage the chance to get an electric vehicle. In addition to the sustainable transport initiatives that are present more and more in Brussels, Brussels is evolving towards an emissions-free fleet that will provide a healthy environment for one and all”. 

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