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All new cars sold in Flanders to be electrically powered from 2027?

One of the proposals that is up for discussion at Wednesday's meeting of the Flemish cabinet is a ban on the sale of cars that are powered by petrol or diesel from 2027. However, Tuesday’s editions of the dailies ‘De Standaard’, ‘De Morgen’ and ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ report that it is far from being a done deal as the largest party in the Flemish coalition, the Flemish nationalist N-VA wants to wait until 2030. 

What is certain though is that cars that are powered by fossil fuels will be phased out. The details of how and by when this will be achieved still need to be decided. However, the Flemish Transport Minister Lydia Peeters (liberal) wants to act sooner rather than later. Ms Peeters wants to make it impossible to register new cars that are powered by petrol or diesel or have a hybrid engine from 2027. This is 8 years earlier than the deadline of 2035 that has been set by the European Commission and earlier than any other EU country. In Europe only Norway (that is not a member of the EU) plans to ban the registration of new fossil fuel powered cars earlier (in 2025).

“Research has shown that from 2026 electrically powered cars will cost the same as cars powered by fossil fuels. Once this is the case an important barrier to people opting for an electrically powered vehicles will have been removed. Moreover, by then a large number of second hand electrically powered company cars will have come onto the market”, the Flemish Transport Minister told journalists.

The former Editor-in-Chief of the car magazine AutoGids calls Ms Peeters’ plans very ambitious. He also doubts whether they are feasible.

"Up until now Flanders has always dragged its heals when it comes to green mobility. Now it is making an about turn of 180°. An awful lot will need to done”.


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