Think you have coronavirus? Find out if you need a free PCR test!

It’s that time of year again.  More and more people are coming down with the common cold, a cough or a sore throat, but could it be coronavirus?  Nowadays you no longer need to consult a doctor for authorisation to get a free PCR test that will tell you whether or not you have come down with coronavirus.  Belgium is now offering a handy online tool that will tell you whether or not you should get tested.  Only, the test is only available in Dutch, French or German at the minute.

If the online tool decides you had better get tested it will provide you with a test code that will allow you to attend a test centre.  The aim is to ease pressure on family doctors.

The tool is available in Dutch, French and German via 

Karine Moykens of the Covid taskforce says the tool was developed in consultation with GPs, paediatricians and epidemiologists in order to decide what advice it should provide.

“Either you will be advised to get tested or you will be told that there doesn’t seem to be an immediate risk of coronavirus.  If a PCR test is recommended you will see a link taking you to the online tool where you will receive a free test code.”

The questionnaire is entirely anonymous, but via the link to the test code you will have to provide personal information.  If you feel really ill or are a patient at risk, you should contact your GP.”

The tool can only be accessed online.  Moykens concedes that people with devious intentions can always fill it in and get a free test code if they so wish.

“We’re counting on people’s common sense.  There is a safety feature.  The free tests can only be generated every eleven days to ensure people can’t use the tool to attend an event or go away on holiday”.

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