Flemish woman plunges to her death in Houffalize

An unfortunate Flemish day-tripper died after falling from a peak in Nadrin (part of Houffalize in Luxembourg Province – Wallonia) when she wanted to have her photo taken.  The woman ended up thirty meters further down the rockface and was dead at the scene.

The 33-year-old woman originally from Lommel but now living in Meerhout (Antwerp Province) was on a daytrip with her partner.  She fell from the Rocher du Hérou, a popular destination for ramblers.  The commander of the local rescue service says the woman slipped to her death.

“She climed up the rockface to take photos” explained her mother-in-law.  “At one point she told her partner to take care because their two dogs were coming too close to the edge.  Joeri looked at the dogs and when he turned back to look at Zoë she had disappeared.”

Local rescuers deployed a helicopter and divers, but Zoë’s body was found on the banks of the River Ourthe.

“We heard she had fallen 30 metres and died instantly” her mother-in-law said.

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