Robots to check Covid Safe Ticket

In Flanders you have to get your Covid Safe Ticket (CST) scanned to access indoor hospitality, gyms and larger events.  In Brussels CSTs need to be shown at even more venues.  Not everybody in the hospitality, fitness and events’ sector is happy with the need to carry out checks.  Many complain about the extra work for staff or the need to deploy extra staff members, but a firm from Heusden-Zolder has come up with a solution that doesn’t require any extra staff at all.

Auva, a multimedia chain, is now marketing a special application to checks CSTs that can be used by a robot, but a tablet computer installed at the entrance will do nicely too.

Auva’s Raf Coomans explains the system can be adapted to the proprietor’s wishes: “The application can be made to open an electric door or gate.  It can launch a light signal or send a message to staff or a visitor.”

The robot isn’t a necessity.  Placing a tablet computer at the entrance should be within most people’s budget.  “50 euros is the starting price. The system can be adapted to every user and no extra staff are needed.  Staff members don’t need to contend with any extra pressure.”

The application is being used at the forthcoming Unizo Festival of the Entrepreneur in Limburg where businesspeople from SMEs will gather.  The care and services industries too are showing a lot of interest. 

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