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Shots fired at group of Chiro scouts

Members of the Chiro youth movement came under fire in Oudenburg (West Flanders) on Saturday night.  One scout leader was hit by a shot from an air rifle. The culprit has not yet been identified. “This could have had a fatal outcome” the head scout leader told VRT.

Twenty-one children and six scout leaders from the Oudenburg Chiro group were taking part in a Halloween trek when they suddenly heard shots.  One leader felt pain in his collar bone thinking he had been hit by a stone. On further inspection the leader discovered a bullet that had passed through his costume and into his body. He was taken to hospital where an operation was needed to remove the bullet.  The scout leader isn’t badly injured, but got quite a fright.

Witnesses confirm several shots were fired. 

Chief scout leader Jochen Ramoudt (22) told VRT: “This could have ended with a fatality if the bullet had hit a child or somebody’s head.  You can’t get your head around it that this happened in Oudenburg.

The children didn’t notice too much of the event and thought the commotion was linked to Halloween.  They were swiftly taken to safety.

Police staged a door-to-door enquiry in the hope of tracking down the culprit.  The scouts suspect the shots were fired from a block of flats above a pub.

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