Kayne West (middle) is friends with the Flemish interior designer Axel Vervoordt.
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Kanye West accuses Wijnegem police of pointing a gun at him

In a podcast video released on Friday the American rapper Kanye West accused police in Wijnegem, just outside Antwerp, of having pointed a gun at him. The alleged incident happened while the rapper was in Belgium in early September. It has been rumoured that Kayne West, who currently calls himself Ye, has bought a house in Wijnegem. Police sources say that the incident was “a misunderstanding”. 

In the latest edition of his “Drink Champs” webcast the rapper said, “I thought that this was the end”.

"I was wearing a black mask and suddenly there was a policeman pointing a gun at my face”. In the podcast he shows how the police officer (allegedly) held the gun to his head. 

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“A misunderstanding”

However, the Wijnegem Police Commissioner Johan Wonninck gives a very different account of events. “On 5 September, a warm summer day, we received a report that two masked men were walking around Wijnegem”. The second man is reported to have been Ye’s bodyguard.

"Just as with any potentially threatening situation our team went the scene. They indeed came across two men, both of whose faces were completely covered”.

"Our officer asked them to take their masks off, but they didn’t. Afterwards of course it became clear that they simply hadn’t understood what the police officer had said. However, at the time the police officer judged the situation to be threatening and so he drew his weapon. But he never pointed it at Mr West".

Mr Wonninck added that the incident was soon resolved. "Kanye West quickly made clear who he was. The police officer didn’t know him. It was only once he started about his ex-wife Kim Kardashian that the penny dropped”.


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