Long queues expected at airports as holidaymakers return home and PLFs are checked

The Federal Police expects long queues at the country's airports as many thousands of holidaymakers return home and checks are carried out on their and other travellers' Passenger Locator Forms (PLF). The Federal Police calls on those returning to Belgium to make sure that their PLF is filled in as fully as possible to ensure that checks can run smoothly, and delays be kept to a minimum. 

Although the checks carried out this weekend won’t be any more stringent than has been the case during the past few months, the volume of passengers expected at the country’s airports could mean that queues form especially if PLFs are not filled in correctly.

The Federal Police Spokeswoman An Berger told journalists that "At peak times today more than 1,000 passengers could arrive every half an hour and this could lead to long queues forming”.

Ms Berger called on those travelling to ensure that their PLF form is filled in as correctly as possible to ensure that the checks run smoothly. The Federal Police will do all it can to keep delays to a minimum.

Since 1 October it has only been possible to fill in the Passenger Locator Form electronically. Passengers that haven’t filled in a PLF prior to their arrival in Belgium risk a 250-euro fine.

The tour operator TUI’s Spokesman Piet Demeyere told journalists that “The checks risk causing long queues and have unpleasant consequences for those that don’t have a form”. 

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