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Two homeless people found dead in the cycle park at Antwerp Central railway station

The bodies of two homeless people aged 41 and 42 have been found in the cycle park at Antwerp Central railway station. The men’s bodies were found on Thursday night. The news that the bodies had bee found in the underground cycle park was first reported by the Antwerp regional TV channel ATV and has since been confirmed by the Antwerp Judicial Authorities. The cause of the two men’s death is currently the subject on an investigation. 

It was a passer-by that found the bodies. Speaking on ATV, the Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever (nationalist) said “At 3 ‘o clock in the morning police received a report that an ambulance was at the underground cycle park on the Koningin Astridplein because two bodies had been found there. Sadly, they were dead bodies, probably of two homeless people”.

The Judicial Authorities have launched an investigation into what caused the men’s deaths.

An Antwerp Police Spokesperson told journalists that "Given the location and the fact that these are two relatively young men, their deaths are being regarded as suspicious”. However, the spokesperson added that the investigation so far had found no evidence of malintent.

It is possible that the men died from a combination of hyperthermia and excessive alcohol consumption. The underground cycle park at Antwerp Central railway station is often used by homeless people as a dry place to spend the night.  

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