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Under-age girl identified as dead baby’s mother

The Antwerp Judicial Authorities have confirmed that they have identified the mother of a baby whose body was found at a nature reserve at Willebroek in Antwerp Province. The mother of the baby is a minor. She has made a statement to the detectives that are leading the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the baby’s death. 

On Saturday a person out walking at the Blaasveldbroek in Willebroek found the body of a baby next to a pond. The police were informed, and an investigation was opened into what was deemed to be the suspicious death of the infant. The mother of the baby has since been identified. She is under the age of 18.

The Antwerp Judicial Authorities’ Spokeswoman Lieselotte Claessens told VRT News that “This is someone of a young age. She has already made a statement about the circumstances surrounding what has happened. This is now the subject of further investigation”.

It is not yet known what caused the baby’s death. However, forensic experts and a police surgeon have confirmed that the body found was that of a fully-grown baby.

"The Examining Magistrate will now await the findings of the autopsy”, Ms Claessens told VRT News. More details about the investigation should be released on Monday. 

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