Baby found at beauty spot died of hypothermia

The initial results of an autopsy carried out on a baby whose body was found at a nature reserve at Willebroek in Antwerp Province at the weekend show that the infant died of hypothermia. The baby was still alive when it was left at a pond in the Blaasveldbroek Nature Reserve. The body of the baby had been in the water for some time when it was spotted by a passer-by. 

Last weekend a hiker saw the body of a baby when he was walking near to a pond at Blaasveldbroek. He informed the police, and an investigation was opened into the suspicious death of the child.

The initial results of an autopsy carried out on the baby’s body point to the baby having died of hypothermia. Further investigation will reveal the precise cause of death. The baby is believed to have been alive when it was left. The baby’s body had spent some time in the pond.

The baby mother is a 17-year-old girl. The Antwerp Judicial Authorities say that the statement she has given them doesn’t tie in with the evidence gathered from the autopsy. The girl was questioned again on Monday. 

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