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Driver of taxi that threatened to fall into Louisa Tunnel identified

Police in Brussels have been able to identify the driver of the vehicle left abandoned by the Louisa Tunnel in the Belgian and Flemish capital last week.  The car had been left precariously balancing on the crush barrier and threatened to fall into the tunnel.

Fire-fighters were obliged to tow away the abandoned vehicle because of the hazard it was posing. 

“Police were called to a traffic incident at 3AM on Thursday night.  When they arrived officers discovered the vehicle, a taxi, precariously balancing on the crush barrier above the entrance to the Louisa Tunnel on the Gulden Vlieslaan.  There was no trace of the driver” says Sarah Dunant of Brussels prosecutors.

The driver has been identified thanks to his taxi driver’s card that was found during a search of the vehicle. He was arrested, breathalysed and found to be over the drink-drive limit.

He has received an immediate two-week driving ban.

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