Princess Delphine and Sander Bas
Fotorechten: Play4

Princess Delphine to star on TV dance show

This fall Princess Delphine of Belgium is taking part in ‘Dancing with the Stars’, a dancing competition televised on the Play4 channel.   Belgium’s brand-new princess, King Albert’s natural daughter, hopes her participation will help to make several young people’s dreams come through by helping the Make-A-Wish organisation.

“Thanks to this dance adventure I hope the beautiful and important work of Make-A-Wish and the positive impact this organisation has on sick children and their families will receive more attention” says the princess.

For three decades now Make-A-Wish has been helping to fulfil the wishes of children with life-threatening medical afflictions.

King Filip’s half-sister says at Make-A-Wish life takes central stage and they use hope and love to soften pain and sadness: “For me personally, dancing certainly forms part of the love and hope with which I embrace life and give it more meaning”.

Delphine will team up with Dutch professional dancer Sander Bas.  She will need all the support she can get because she has little dance experience.

“My experience is limited to a few steps at weddings and receptions” Princess Delphine admits. It will be interesting to see how the princess communicates with her partner as last year she admitted her Dutch was poor as she had grown up in London (UK).  Princess Delphine said she hoped people would understand.

Princess Delphine is fully aware her participation will take a mental and physical toll, but “this is nothing to the challenges sick children and their families encounter”.

The princess already experienced her fair share of adversity coming down with coronavirus during rehearsals.

“Even though I was double jabbed, I still feel a touch weak and am behind schedule.  I’ve just come out of isolation” she told Flemish media.

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