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World’s oldest whisky goes for 93,000 euros a carafe

Two carafes of the world’s oldest whisky have been sold in West Flanders.  Each bottle went for 93,000 euros and that is a lot of money says Martin Coene, the manager of the whisky store Top Malts in Moorsele.  The single malt Scotch whisky was stored in a cask for eighty years and was recently divided up into 250 carafes or bottles.  Martin was able to secure two of them.

This exclusive whisky was matured in a special cask allowing it to preserve its power and volume.

“Normally you lose up to 2% volume a year through evaporation.  This whisky is particularly exclusive because it matured in a cash for eighty years.  It’s very difficult to conserve a whisky for such a long length of time.  Everything must be just right: the climate in which the cask is stored, the alcohol content, the taste.”

The world’s oldest single malt Scotch whisky was bottled in 250 carafes designed by Sir David Frank Adjaye, one of the world’s most famous architects.

“We were honoured to acquire two of the 250 carafes and sell them on.  Each bottle went for 93,000 euros” says a proud Martin Coene.

Top Malts Moorsele

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