Young female freeloaders at work in Antwerp

Hospitality in the fair city of Antwerp is once again having to contend with two clever freeloaders.  Several hospitality outlets have been swindled in recent days.  The two ladies in question wine and dine extensively and then disappear without paying their bill.

“They are well-rehearsed” says Gunther Dieltjens of The Bistro, a famous Antwerp eatery.  “They avoid CCTV and disappear on their scooters”.

The young women have struck at at least three restaurants in the northern port city. 

“They were here late in the afternoon yesterday” says Gunther.  “They consumed 122 euros’ worth of food and drink. Suddenly they had disappeared on their scooters”.

Gunther is sure they stuck to the pavement restaurant outside because they knew there was no CCTV there.  “Neither visited the loo during the 90 minutes they were here.  The two young women also kept their electric scooters close to their table.   It was only afterwards that we realised why” says Gunther.

“That way they were easily able to escape.  One had already disappeared.  The other fled off after she had asked the waiter for a cappuccino”.

Gunther plans to file a complaint with the police.  “I don’t believe I will ever see my money, but I hope the police find them. I’m warning all my colleagues.  One of the women has dark hair, oriental features and speaks with a thick Dutch accent.  The other is a Flemish blonde.  I operate several establishments in the city.  All my staff have been warned. I hope they show their faces so that we can nab these freeloadsters.”

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