Strip act during hazing leads to suspension at Antwerp University

The head of Antwerp University, Rector Herman Van Goethem, is demanding that the Aesculapia student fraternity suspends all its activities.  Prof Van Goethem intervened after several female freshers were obliged to perform a strip act as part of a hazing, the so called ‘student baptism’.

Aesculapia is the fraternity of medicine students at UAntwerpen. Rector Van Goethem is not only seeking a suspension of the association’s activities, but wants its entire leadership to resign too. 

At issue is a strip act during a hazing: several young women were obliged to strip and take off their clothes, though they were never topless or completely naked. The parents of several students raised the matter with the rector.  The university has now started an internal disciplinary hearing.

Kira Rooman, the head of the student association, regrets the rector’s decision: “Our association is so much more than a hazing.  We organise a cultural symposium, a ski trip and parties at which students can relax.  We sell books and medical equipment.  All this won’t be possible this academic year”.

The fraternity shied away from commenting on what had happened during the hazing.

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