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Wreck of Great War U-boat identified

The VLIZ, the Flanders Marine Institute, has announced identification of a German U-boat, whose wreck was discovered in the North Sea during the Eighties.  The submarine is the UB-32 of the “more modern” UBII type.  The submarine dates from the Great War.   This type of vessel was used from February 1917 onwards and was responsible for sinking many ships.

It was a British plane that sunk the U-boat in September 1917.  The vessel displays clear signs of the attack and was identified thanks to an inscription on the rotor.

The boat lies on the edge of Belgian territorial waters, some 35 sea miles northwest of Ostend and 20 miles from British waters. The Belgian hydrographical service discovered the wreck in the Eighties and labelled it B140/225.  Divers visited the wreckage in 1999 and 2009, when it was identified as a U-boat.

The wreck is situated at a depth of 41 metres.  The wreckage covers an area of 35 metres by 5 metres and stands 6 metres tall at its highest point.

The vessel is intact from its stern until two metres after its turret.  The front of the boat is heavily damaged as a result of a heavy impact and seems pressed together from above.  

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