Jihadi sentenced to 20-years by Belgian court is detained in Bulgaria

The infamous jihadi Yassine Lachri has been apprehended by police in Bulgaria. The Belgian Judicial Authorities have asked Bulgaria to send the convicted terrorist to Belgium. Yassine Lachri was sentenced in his absence to 20 year’s imprisonment for terrorist offences by a Belgian court. He had been on the run but was detained by Bulgarian police as he tried to enter the country from Turkey. 

The Bulgarian authorities have confirmed that a person was arrested on the Turkish border but have not given the identity of the person detained. The Belgian Federal Judicial Authorities have asked the Bulgarians to send Lachri to Belgium.

In a statement issued on Wednesday the Bulgarian Judicial Authorities said that a man that was being sought after having been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for terrorism by a court in a European country was arrested on Wednesday during an operation by the police special units and the border police. More details were not given. However, Bulgarian media and the daily ‘De Tijd’ report that the person arrested was Yassine Lachiri. 

The Federal Judicial Authorities have told VRT News that they have requested the transfer of a person that was sentenced in their absence to 20 year’s imprisonment for terrorism offences. However, they too didn’t name the person concerned.

Now only a Moroccan national, Yassine Lachiri was stripped of his Belgian nationality in 2020 along with 7 other terrorists.



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