Nicolas Maeterlinck

France tightens rules for people visiting the country from Belgium

The authorities in France have tightened the rules for Belgians and people resident here that wish to visit the country. The French Interior Ministry has announced that in future people from Belgium that have not been immunised against coronavirus will need to provide proof of a negative PCR or antigen test that was taken no more than 24 hours prior to their arrival. 

Exceptions are made for hauliers that need to enter France to deliver or pick up their load or to transit through the country. 

People from Belgium that are in France for no longer than 24 hours and are no further than 30 kilometres from their place of residence are also exempt. This means that a non-immunised resident of, for example Kortrijk (West Flanders), would be able to go shopping in the centre of Lille without providing evidence of a recent PCR test, but a non-vaccinated person from, for example Bruges (West Flanders) would not.

Other exceptions apply to those that need to go to France as part of their professional activities (business trip to Paris…) and people that have to enter the country either so urgently or often that they are unable to have taken a coronavirus test prior to their journey. 

The measures brought in by the French authorities apply to residents of several other countries, including Germany.



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