Nicolas Maeterlinck

Poultry must be kept enclosed from Monday after wild goose tests positive for avian flu

The Federal Food Safety Agency (FAVV) and the Federal Agriculture Minister David Clarinval (Francophone liberal) have announced that from Monday 15 November all poultry kept in Belgium must be kept enclosed. The measure is being taken after a wild goose in Schilde (Antwerp Province) was found to have avian flu. 

The bird was infected with the H5N1 avian flu virus.

The FAVV spokeswoman Liesbeth Van de Voorde told VRT News that “This points to the virus being in circulation again among wild birds. As result of this together with Minister Clarinval we have taken additional measures to protect our country’s poultry. Anyone that keeps poultry, either professionally or at their homes, must keep their birds enclosed from Monday”.

“This doesn’t necessarily mean in a cage. Putting a net above a chicken run is fine too. The most important thing is that your poultry is protected from contact with wild birds”.

FAVV also advises putting your birds feed and water inside to prevent wild birds from eating or drinking from it. The Federal Food Safety Agency stresses that avian flu is not dangerous to humans even if you were to eat eggs laid by an infected bird. 

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