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Antwerp Chairman’s castle damaged by fire

A fire has caused severe damage to a castle owned by the Chairman of Royal Antwerp FC Paul Gheysens at Wijnegem in Antwerp Province. The castle is currently empty and no one was injured in the blaze that took fire-fighters several hours to bring under control. 

The fire broke out on the first floor of the building early on Saturday evening. The Fire Service went to the scene and had some difficulty in bringing the blaze at the castle on the Ertbruggelaan in Wijnegem under control.  

Speaking late on Saturday evening Mathieu De Block of the Antwerp Fire Service told VRT News that “The fire has been extinguished but there are some areas of the wooden floor that are still smouldering”.

The Fire Services continued extinguishing for several hours more in order to prevent the fire from flaring up again.

The Royal Antwerp FC Chairman Paul Gheysens bought the castle last year to use as offices for his construction company. The castle is currently unoccupied. It is still not known what caused the fire. 

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