Cannabis plantation discovered after fire at warehouse

Fire-fighters in Balen (Antwerp Province) have discovered a large-scale cannabis plantation at a warehouse. The plantation was discovered after a fire at the warehouse on Saturday night. Shortly after midnight the residents of a flat above the warehouse called the Fire Service as thick smoke was emerging from it.

On their arrival fire-fighters found almost 1,500 cannabis plants inside. An investigation has been launched to identify those that had been growing the drugs.

Fire-fighters from the Balen and Mol fire stations went to tackle the fire. The fire was caused by a fault in a fuse box though which passed the building’s electricity supply. The fuse box was in a separate compartment that had been constructed out of wood. The fire in the fuse box had set the wood alight, hence the large amount of smoke.

Alerted by the fire-fighters about the cannabis plants police went to the scene. An investigation has been launched to find those behind the cannabis plantation.  

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