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Flemish socialist leader rushed into hospital

The leader of the Flemish socialist party Conner Rousseau has been rushed into hospital. The news that Mr Rousseau had been taken to hospital was released by the politician himself in a post on social media site Facebook

It’s the second time that Mr Rousseau has required hospital treatment. Yesterday was his 29th birthday, making it particularly unfortunate that he spent the evening in a hospital bed. 

The Flemish socialist party spokesman Niels Pattyn confirms that Mr Rousseau was taken to hospital for emergency treatment. The politician has a cyst on one of his kidneys. “Sometimes the party leader suffers from acute pain. As a result, working a lot, getting little sleep and stress, this is something that reoccurs frequently”.

"He has to be put on a drip to bring the pain under control”.

Two weeks ago, Mr Rousseau was hospitalised with the same complaint. He is due to undergo an operation next month. 

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