Federal Deputy PM calls for “honest debate on mandatory vaccination”

The Flemish Green Deputy Prime Minister in Belgium’s Federal Government Petra De Sutter has told VRT News that she doesn’t want people in Belgium to be excluded because they have not been vaccinated against coronavirus. Ms De Sutter doesn’t want Belgium to follow the example of Austria where lockdown measures are in force for those that haven’t been immunised. She told VRT News that “This seems to us to be a bridge too far”. 

Ms De Sutter added that “If we are really unable to get rid of the virus and bring down the figures during this fourth wave or in the longer term, we should be honest and open the debate on mandatory vaccination”.

The Flemish Green politician believes that there is a contradiction in saying on the one hand that people aren’t obliged to get vaccinated while on the other, as is the case in Austria, excluding those that aren’t vaccinated from a range of everyday activities such as going for a coffee or a beer at a café. 

Rather than doing that Ms De Sutter would prefer an open and honest debate on mandatory vaccination and see if there is political support to oblige people to get vaccinated. This would include a parliamentary debate on the issue.

She added that her own party has yet to decide what its stance would be if a debate on mandatory vaccination were to take place.

“Be we should perhaps let the debate take place. Making a distinction between the vaccinated and unvaccinated in relation to certain activities seems to us not to be a good thing at all”. 

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