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Police union action causes rush hour misery in Brussels

Action by members of the trades unions that represent police officers caused long delays for many thousands of motorists during Tuesday morning’s rush hour. The action is in protest at the failure to make progress in the ongoing negotiation on police pay. The protest centred around the Belliardstraat, one of the main roads into Brussels from the East. Several road tunnels were closed for a time and this led to delays of up to two hours for some unfortunate motorists. Elsewhere, police are also staging a work-to-rule at Brussels Airport in Zaventem (Flemish Brabant). 

Around 500 police trade unionists walked from Brussels Central Railway Station towards the Brussels Inner Ring Road on Tuesday morning. Joery Dehaes of the Christian Trade Union ACV told VRT News that “We a walking to the Wetstraat and the Belliardstraat and that will cause disruption to traffic.

Those taking part three bangers and lit fireworks as they walked the kilometre or so from the station to their destinations that is one of the country’s busiest crossroads.

"Our aims is to show both those in power and the general pupil that we mean business”, Carlo Medo of the NSPV told VRT News.

The action led to delays of up to two hours during Tuesday morning’s rush hour.



Police protest outside Brussels Airport in Zaventem (Flemish Brabant)

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