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Bank shuts down ATMs after attempted jackpotting

Argenta bank is shutting down 62 of some 350 cashpoints it operates following an attempt at ‘jackpotting’.  The bank first wants to introduce added security measures.  Jackpotting is the practice whereby criminals try to use malware to empty ATMs.

The cashpoint of a branch of Argenta in Dessel (Antwerp Province) was the target of an attempt at jackpotting last night.

“Jackpotting means criminals attempt to manipulate the ATM’s computer to get it to release all its cash” explains Argenta’s Christine Vermylen.

“When our security firm attended the scene following an alert guards noticed that the front of the ATM had been damaged.”

Police are investigating the matter.   It’s not yet clear whether the gangsters got away with any cash. 

This isn’t the first time Argenta experienced a similar attempt targeting the same type of Argenta cashpoint in Sint-Niklaas (East Flanders) last weekend. Quick intervention by the security firm thwarted this attempt says Argenta.

The bank is down shutting down 62 ATMs of this type until extra security measures are taken.

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