Data leak in Brussels' vaccination platform

There’s been a data leak in the Brussels vaccination platform.  As a result of a system error everybody is able to check whether or not Brussels residents are vaccinated or not.

The error on the vaccination platform Bruvax means that if you have somebody’s identification number in the national register you can check the vaccination status of Brussels residents online.  In other words employers can for instance check the status of their employees.

The Francophone liberal party MR that is in the opposition in the Brussels regional parliament speaks of the “umpteenth blunder by Brussels health minister Maron (Francophone green)”.

Armed with somebody’s national register number and their postcode you can try and make a vaccination appointment for somebody else. You will only succeed if they are not fully vaccinated.  In this way you can also see who has already been fully vaccinated and who has not.

The MR speaks of an intolerable infringement of privacy. Lawmaker Alexia Bertrand is calling the Brussels health minister to account and wants to hear how long this has been going on and is seeking assurance this won’t happen in future.

This isn’t the first problem with the Brussels vaccination platform.  Earlier non-Brussels residents from Flanders and Wallonia were able to make an appointment for a vaccination. 

Ms Bertrand points to the low vaccination rate in Brussels and insists the authorities need to ensure people can have confidence in the system.

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