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“It's too little, too late”

Dirk Devroey, professor of family medicine at the Flemish Free University of Brussels, has castigated Belgian governments’ approach to the pandemic.  The academic isn’t impressed by the measures announced on Wednesday evening: “Belgian authorities have failed to anticipate in time what was coming at us” he told VRT.

“Tomorrow we will count 20,000 new positive cases.  This brings us to the level recorded during the second wave last November.  Over 500 Covid patients are in intensive care.  Had we taken these measures three weeks ago, we may have been able to turn the tide.”

“Today the situation is getting out of hand.  Increased numbers in hospitals will continue for at least another three weeks and this will jeopardise regular care.  People working in health care will once again pay the price.  It’s going to be a long winter”.

Prof Devroey says the measures taken are too late and not sufficiently transparent.

“With a far larger population Germany counts 50,000 cases and is taking far more incisive action.  We are taking measures that can’t even be checked.  Who’s going to check CO2 meters are installed in all classrooms?  Who will check what’s happening down at the disco?  Self-tests? That’s ridiculous! People who want to be negative, will have a negative result!” 

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