Protests in Limburg centred on Kiewit
Lien Vande Kerkhof

More police protests trigger more rush hour misery

Belgian police continued their protests in support of a pay claim across Flanders and Brussels this morning hampering the morning rush hour in many places.   Police are carrying out extra checks. Most checks stopped at 9AM Carlo Medo of the NSPV police union told VRT.  The unions hope to put pressure on the government now talks on pay and conditions have broken down.

In Brussels police concentrated their action on access roads to the capital including the Van Praetlaan.  Traffic was directed onto two instead of three lanes with drivers being pulled out of the traffic for a full inspection. Traffic incurred delays of up to one hour with tailbacks to the A12 in Strombeek.

Police also carried out checks on the A210 from Zaventem to Brussels, in Evere and on the Leopold-II-laan in Koekelberg.  There was tremendous congestion around Meiser and Montgomery too. Jams on the Kortenberglaan at Schuman had tailbacks to the E40 in Kraainem.

In Antwerp police protests centred on the City of Antwerp, Turnhout and Geel.  In West Flanders Ostend and Zeebrugge were affected. In Zeebrugge maritime and traffic police carried out strict checks on all vehicles entering the harbour.  Truck drivers experienced delays of up to 45 minutes.


In Flemish Brabant the area around the capital was hit as well as Aarschot.  In East Flanders police carried out checks on the Ghent city orbital.



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Disruption to continue all day

“Today we will continue to conduct protest actions at several locations including the port of Zeebrugge and the area around the Antwerp Sportpaleis.  Police won’t close down roads entirely but will carry out extra checks that will lead to congestion and delays.  Really it’s what the police should do every day” said trade unionist Medo.

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