Foto: Radio 2

Houses and car damaged in explosion in Borgerhout

Two houses and a parked car were damaged in an explosion in the Antwerp district of Borgerhout on Thursday night. The Antwerp Judicial Authorities say that an explosive device had been thrown at one of the houses. The damage to both the houses and the parked car was slight. The bomb disposal service DOVO went to the scene and police closed the Koolsstraat (where the explosion occurred) to allow the investigation into the explosion to continue unhindered. 

At around 1AM there was an explosion in the Koolstraat in Borgerhout. The garage door of one house was damage, while the windows of another house on the opposite side of the street shattered by the blast. A parked car was also damaged. The street was cordoned off and the bomb disposal service DOVO deployed a tracker dog to search for explosives at the scene. An Examining Magistrate has already been appointed to lead the investigation into the blast.

In 2017 the same house that was targeted in Thursday night’s attack was shot at. VRT News sources say that a person with connections to the trade in illegal drugs lived at the house. The man’s name has appeared in numerous investigations into narcotics offences. Last year he was the victim of an attempted kidnapping. However, he has since moved to Dubai and the people that now live at the house have no criminal record. It is quite possible that the attack on the house was a mistake. 

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