It’s official: new coronavirus measures come into force from 7am on Saturday

The Ministerial Decree that brings into law the extra measures agreed on by the Consultative Committee on Wednesday has now been published. The measures will come into force from 7AM tomorrow (Saturday 20 November) and are applicable until 28 January 2022. 

A Wednesday’s meeting of representatives of the federal, regional and language community governments the following was agreed. 

Face coverings become mandatory in indoor public spaces: on public transport, in hospitality, at health care centres, at events both indoor and outdoor, in shops and malls, in public buildings and businesses where there is public access, in libraries, at gyms and places of worship.

In cafés, bars and restaurants customers will once again have to wear a face covering unless they are seated.  You will need to mask as you enter, when you stand up to, for example go to the toilet, at all hospitality venues. The measure comes in addition to the requirement to show a green Covid Safe Ticket (CST).

At discotheques and night clubs you will have to present your Covid Safe Ticket and take a self-test or don a face covering if you wish to dance. Cafés where dancing is permitted need to follow the rules for hospitality. This means that face coverings will be required for those that wish to dance.The age at which children are obliged to wear a face covering is being lowered to the age of 10 (down from 12 currently).

The Covid Safe Ticket and face coverings will be required at public and private events for 50 and more people indoors and 100 and more people outdoors. This applies to hospitality when you are not seated, in theatres, concert halls, cultural centres, cinemas, museums and indoor amusement arcades.

Four days of homeworking a week becomes mandatory until 12 December.  After 12 December three days of homeworking a week will be required. Businesses where this is not possible will enjoy an exemption.

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