“Boycott hospitality if they don’t take the CST seriously”

Belgian health minister Frank Vandenbroucke (Flemish socialist/Vooruit) says people should boycott hospitality outlets that don’t take the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) seriously.  “When I enter a pub where the CST isn’t taken seriously, I leave” Mr Vandenbroucke told VRT.  The health minister is also refusing to rule out even stricter corona measures this winter.

Mayors should dispatch police officers to carry out checks, he says.

Mr Vandenbroucke has no time for venues where the CST isn’t taken seriously: “It’s about safety.  Your health is my responsibility.  Your well-being is my responsibility.  My health is also your responsibility”.

The CST allows you to show you are fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from Covid and is required in Belgian hospitality.

Among the measures that kick in today customers in hospitality need to mask as long as they are not seated and people who can work from home need to do so 4 days a week.

“We will only be able to avoid a real lockdown if corona measures are strictly adhered to and we are extra careful in our private lives.  Whether or not stricter measures will be needed depends on the evolution of the pandemic. We are counting up to 18,000 new cases a day.  It’s an explosion.  I fear the train won’t come to a halt just like that”.

The health minister insists people should avoid ‘too many contacts’ and recommends self-testing ahead of larger private gatherings even if it isn’t required by law.

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