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Ghent cancels Christmas events

The City of Ghent is cancelling all Christmas and New Year’s holiday events.  The events affected include the Winterfeesten (Winter Feasts), the Entry of St Nicholas, fireworks on New Year’s Eve and the city’s New Year’s reception.

The Ghent crisis unit met today against the backdrop of rising corona figures.  Afterwards Mayor Mathias De Clercq said: “If we feel we can’t organise these events safely, then we shouldn’t do so”.

“Hospitals are filling up.  We must make every effort to keep health care functioning”.

Quinten Goekint, the organiser of the Winterfeesten, says cancelling the event three days before construction work on the Christmas market was set to start is the worst possible scenario.

“It’s a blow for us but also for the 150 stall keepers who already purchased their wares”.

The Entry of St Nicholas was planned for tomorrow Sunday.


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