“Face covering society for years to come”

Peter Piot, the virologist, and advisor to European commission president Von der Leyen, says that unvaccinated doctors, who endanger the lives of their patients, are guilty of manslaughter and that mandatory vaccination of health care workers is a good thing.
Mandatory vaccination of Belgian health care workers kicks in on 1 April.

Prof Piot was speaking on VRT’s current affairs flagship De Zevende Dag.

“There’s no way ahead without vaccines” says Piot. “Not being vaccinated is unacceptable in a hospital.”

“If you expose your patients to the virus because you are an unvaccinated doctor, then that amounts to manslaughter.  Doctors have obligations.  It’s hard to take somebody’s job away, but if there’s no other option, we must prioritise the interests of society at large and not those of the individual”.

Prof Piot and his wife, Heidi Larson, who set up the Vaccine Confidence Project, are no supporters of mandatory vaccination for all.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.  Measures should be proportionate.  Not everybody endangers people in the same way”.

Prof Piot says vaccines and face coverings will be our line of defence for years to come.

“Vaccines offer good protection against serious illness and death. Seven times more unvaccinated people are being hospitalised.  Still, I believe that we are heading for a society with use of face coverings for many years. It will get better and better thanks to vaccinations and collective discipline”.

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