“Opening dance with face covering: it’s no fun”

Wedding planner Liesbeth Patteet has one more wedding in her diary, “but this will be one of the last this year” she says. At private parties with 50 or more guests indoors and 100 or more guests outdoors you will have to show a valid Covid Safe Ticket to gain admittance and guests will also need to mask. “Couples can’t even kiss properly during the opening dance at their party” says Liesbeth.  “It’s so sad”.

Liesbeth is at home in quarantine at the minute because her daughter is poorly with Covid. She’s following all the rules, but the couple that was supposed to be looking forward to their wedding isn’t too happy about the new restrictions.

Liesbeth can’t get her head around the happy couple having to mask during the opening dance: “These are people who already live together and will go home together.  The photos are not going to be fab either.  It’s so sad when people must kiss when they are masked. The wedding’s going ahead.  It’s been postponed three times already.  They are happy they can dance but are not happy about the masks.”

Everybody will have to show their Covid Safe Ticket and wear a mask.  Liesbeth will check the tickets and make sure everybody is masked. 

But she’s already noticed that since the new restrictions were announced people are cancelling their weddings en masse.

“We restarted operations.  I was able to organise four wedding parties in October, but the cancellations started coming in: 13 on one day. It’s no fun, but what can we do?”

“I’m an eternal optimist.  I’ve got people who had to postpone three times and have given up.  They had a civil ceremony and are not bothering about a party.”

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