An earlier edition of Winter Glow

Christmas market and Winter Glow are on in Bruges

In Bruges (West Flanders) the Christmas market is going ahead despite the rise in corona cases.  The market opens next Friday and is being staged at three locations: ‘t Zand, the Simon Stevin Square and Bruges market square.

The Mayor of Bruges, Dirk De fauw, gave the go-ahead for the Christmas market: “There are a number of restrictions.  The area with the stalls will be cordoned off.  To gain entrance you will need to show your Covid Safe Ticket (CST).  Visitors also need to mask when they walk round the market”.

The City of Bruges is also seeking volunteers to help the checks with the CST. 

Winter Glow, a magical illuminated walk through the city, too is going ahead.  Participants need to mask here too, though the Covid Safe Ticket isn’t required.

The walk covers 4km through the city centre.  The mayor says that carrying out checks on access is virtually impossible because many people live and work along the route.

The city is taking action to prevent congestion along the route.

People who want to eat or drink something will have to visit a hospitality outlet.  Eating or drinking along the route is not permitted.

An earlier edition of Winter Glow
Toerisme Brugge - Jan Darthet
An earlier edition of Winter Glow
An earlier edition of Winter Glow
Stad Brugge

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