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Employers ready for mandatory telework

From today as part of the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus telework 4 days a week has become mandatory for all that are able to work from home. Last week the Flemish Employers’ Federation Voka expressed concern that this would lead to numerous practical issues for companies. 

However, the organisation's Director-General Hans Maertens photo above) says that these have since been resolved. “From today companies are obliged to fill in an online document on the State Social Security Service’s (RSZ) website. Here they can indicate how many employees per site have a job that allows them to be able to work from home”.

The system is the same as was used during previous periods of mandatory telework. “And if nothing has changed since, no extra registration will be required”. 

Staff that are unable to work from home will be issued with a document stating that their presence at the workplace is essential.

Mr Maertens says that companies are taking on the extra administrative red tape with a long face “But in the past months companies have proved that they have dealt with the coronavirus crisis responsibly. We are doing so out of a great sense of social responsibility”.

Employers are being given a week’s grace to ensure that their declarations are filled in correctly. “Moreover, we can rely on the understanding of the agencies responsible for carrying out checks for the difficult situation many companies will find themselves in during the coming week”, Mr Maertens told VRT News.


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