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Flemish Government launches bursary scheme to allow talented students to study at the world’s top universities

The Flemish Government has launched a scheme that will help talented students that wish to study at the world’s top universities such as Harvard and Oxford. From the next academic year, 2 million euro per annum will be set aside to finance the grant scheme. 

Many of our region’s most academically able youngsters dream of studying at a top university abroad. However, the fees charged by universities such as Yale, Havard and Oxford are beyond the financial means of most. 

The Flemish Government’s new grant scheme will help the dreams of the very most able scholars become reality. From 2022-2023 academic year Flemish students that have graduated with a master’s degree will be able to get financial support, allowing them to study for a maximum of two years at a top university. The bursary scheme was written into the coalition agreement when the current Flemish Government was formed in 2019 and came at the request of the current Flemish Prime Minister Jan Jambon (nationalist).

Conditions for applicants

Those that wish to benefit from the bursary scheme will be subject to a whole list of conditions. Anyone applying must have a master’s degree from a Flemish university or other Flemish institute of higher education. Furthermore, they will only be considered if their academic results so far have been “excellent”.

However, academic results alone won’t be enough to ensure that applicants are given a grant. Applicants must also “Display leadership qualities and social responsibility”. They will be able to prove that they have these qualities in an essay that will be required as part of their application.

With the scheme the Flemish Government is aiming to reach "the future leaders of Flanders”. 

Of course, in order to be given the grant students will have had to have successfully got through the admissions procedure of the university at which they wish to study. The application for the bursary must “be filled in correctly, on time and using an excellent level of Dutch”.

Mr Jambon’s office believes that the bursary scheme will eventually lead to an international network of Flemish students of the highest calibre at the world’s best universities. The Flemish Government views the scheme as an extension of its foreign policy, as the students will become what it describes as “Ambassadors for Flanders”. 

The 2 million euro that has been set aside for the scheme will provide financial support for between 20 and 30 students.

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